Welcome to the home page for the 1-Shot game we are running.  We'll use this site to share guidelines and collaborate.

Players Invited: Sam, Jen V, Chris, Estella, Mark, Jen C, Nancy

Playing: D&D 5th Edition.  

Character Generation Guidelines
GM Style and Collaborative Storytelling

Resources:  PDF's of the core books are on Google Drive.  I'd recommend thinking about purchasing a couple things 1) your own set of dice!  you'll want a set that has one of each type… like this. As a matter of fact that deal looks so great I may just pick up the set for the group of us. 2) Your own hard copy of the players handbook ($30) would be great… but is optional. can work without it.  3)  there may be times where we play on a map with miniatures… I'd recommend getting through a session or two to see if you really like your character before you spend $ on a miniature that would represent it.  I've got proxies we can use.

First Steps:
Peruse through the Players Handbook (this is the ONLY book you'll need.)  and read through the process for building a character.

Party Composition
Sam V – Human Fighter Sams Fighter Back Story
Jen V – Halfling Rogue
Chris – TBD Chris Back Story
Estella – Druid Estellas Druid Back Story
Mark – Warlock Marks Wizard Back Story
Jen – Monk Jens Monk Back Story
Nancy – Sorceress Nancy Sorceress Back Story


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