GM Style and Collaborative Storytelling

Would like to give an overview of what to expect when sitting downt to game at a table with Artie as GM.

- I love the "game" aspect… with mechanics and combat rules… and effective character builds… but moreso I love the story telling aspect of D&D.  In this stage your characters are the stars of the show.  I see it as my job to give them challenges that leave them, and you as the player tried, and hopefully, victorious!  Some of the primary pillars that I like to emphasize in my games are:

1. Descriptive combat and story telling.  This is group entertainment – I strongly encourage players to be descriptive with the flavor of what they are doing.  Instead of "I attack with my sword…"  I'd love to hear… "as the beast bites into my arm I actually bumble my blade a bit…. desperately grabbing for it I catch it… half holding the end of the blade i wildly swing it, aiming at the huge blood shot eyes staring me down right in front of me.  Can you see how the 2nd method creates a much more cinematic experience for all of the players at the table?

2. I tend to dabble in cinematography when I run games.  I like to describe scenes as you would see them in a movie.. you may hear me reference how the camera would pan into a room… etc… I like to make it visual and engaging in describing scenes.

3. Role playing / Personalities / Accents.  (This one is for the new players who may not have a point of reference.) Though I'm no thespian, i tend to try to portray characters in game vividly.  Dont be suprised if I jump into an accent or a persona to help with the immersive experience. You are welcome to do the same… don't feel pressured to do so… just… do what feels fun to you and dont be afraid to jump out of that comfort zone… you may love it!

4. Lethality – Yes! characters can and sometimes do die in D&D.  I believe in a philosophy of setting up fair challenges for players, but not holding punches… for example if the mage jumps in to a pack of wolves to help save the other party members… he… might die… permanently depending on how the dice rolled.  Decisions have weight… decisions matter because there is no "i win" button and there is no reset button.  I will never actively TRY to kill your character for the sake of killing your character… however just like in little league you shouldnt get a trophy just for trying… in D&D you don't win by just trying… so play smart and work as a team!

GM Style and Collaborative Storytelling

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