Nancy Sorceress Back Story

We really didn’t know what to think about the odd rock the trader sold to us. It was clear that it had some very interesting properties and if we could harness the energies emanating from it who knows what types of devices we would be able to power! Mr. Bronzesprocket, the local tinker guild master I was apprenticed under was interested in the renown it would bring our shop. Me…well, I just wanted to see what it could do. I have so many ideas that just need a better power source! It could power my mana recombomulator, and my transmutation ice cream maker, I could go on, but I don't want to share TOO many of my idea


However, something happened when we powered on the device. I truly wish I could tell you exactly what, but every time I try to recall specifics, my mind goes fuzzy in a very uncomfortable way, so I leave it alone. I remember Mr. Bronzesprocket pulling the lever. Or was it flipping the switch? Then, there was this sudden pulling and it was as if something was trying to drag me out of my body. A giant vortex had opened up in the middle of the shop! It crackled with lightening and spit out the most amazing sparks. I hung onto the wall and tried to look at it, but must have blacked out from the pressure. Note to self, can I reconfigure my mage armor to create a better shield for interdimensional portal gravitational forces? But I digress…


I woke up in a pile of rubble where the shop used to be, just a bit dusty and windblown, but seemingly unharmed. Mr Bronzesproket and the other apprentice were not so lucky. I don’t know that the townspeople blamed me exactly, but after that everyone treated me a bit different. Plus the regional guild master was on his way and I just didn't want to answer any more questions. It became clear I should probably move on. Plus, with the workshop blown up I needed a new place to experiment. So I left.  


That is when things I touched started to crackle with electricity and all of a sudden my tinkers started to become something…more. I have decided I just must get my hands on another one of those rocks. I mean, the possibilities! So now I follow the wind (still working on a proper locator device) to the next place I might find the power I am looking for.

Nancy Sorceress Back Story

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